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We are values-driven folks on a mission to design for equity, inclusion and justice. Our community's main meeting space is our Slack group.

Joining is free — all we ask in return is your time, engagement and amplification of our work.

All are welcome

We believe inclusive design is not limited to only professional "designers." If you are involved in building solutions that real people will use or are simply curious about inclusive design, you are more than welcome!

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Why join us

Deepen learnings

You'll gain practical knowledge with fellow community members in jam sessions and other gatherings.

Connect with others

You'll build relationships with values-driven practitioners from different geographies, backgrounds and industries.


You'll have the chance to contribute to projects (or propose your own!) in collaborative work groups.

Our values make our community thrive

To make our space inclusive, safe and accessible to our members, we require a short application form. We ask members to commit to give back to the community in some way and to abide by our community agreements.

  • Equity

  • Curiosity

  • Humility

  • Global Perspectives

  • Connection

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