About us

Our vision

We are a community of practice that champions equity in the design of the world around us.

Our mission

We create a safe space for connection, empowerment, and development around designing for inclusion, equity and justice.

Our values

We are united around our shared values of equity, curiosity, humility, global perspectives and connection.


Our actions

We've brought together over 500+ practitioners of inclusive and equitable design in our Slack group, community jams and social channels.

Knowledge & Experience Exchange

We provide opportunities for guest speakers and members to exchange ideas, learnings and best practices.

Relationship Building & Networking

We facilitate connections and nurture meaningful relationships between our community members.

Discussions & Collaborations

We create space for deep discussions and collaborations, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Our founder and history

The Inclusive Design Jam was founded in May 2022 by Sandra Camacho (She/Her), aka Sandra By Design. She is an inclusive & equitable design strategist and educator based in Paris, France.

After leaving her job at Google to pursue her dream to design for social impact, she found herself feeling really alone in this work.

She was inspired to create a decentralized space for collective learning and action. And in the time since, it's grown to a thriving online community of 500+ practitioners from all over the world.

Sandra Camacho smiling

Meet our volunteer team

We rely on the gracious support of volunteers to nurture our grassroots community and make forward progress toward our social mission. Our volunteers hail from 4 different continents, reflecting our global footprint.

Cecilia Scolaro smiling
Cecilia Scolaro (She/Her)

Advisory Group Member

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jenae Ramos smiling
Jenae Ramos

Advisory Group Member

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Kate Every smiling
Kate Every

Advisory Group Member

Leeds, England

Odunayo Ajiboye with a neutral expression
Odunayo Ajiboye

Community Programming Designer-Manager

Lagos, Nigeria

Rubina Singh smiling
Rubina Singh

Advisory Group Member

New Delhi, India

Rupeet Singh smiling
Rupeet Singh

Community Experience Designer-Manager

New Jersey, USA

Sandra Camacho smiling
Sandra Camacho

Community Lead

Paris, France

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