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Meet fellow practitioners of inclusive & equitable design in our safe community space.

Driving change as a community

We're a community of practice that champions equity in the design of the world. We create a safe space for connection, empowerment, and development around designing for inclusion, equity and justice.

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How we support values-driven practitioners

Knowledge & Experience Exchange

We provide opportunities for guest speakers and members to exchange ideas, learnings and best practices.

Relationship Building & Networking

We facilitate connections and nurture meaningful relationships between our community members.

Discussions & Collaborations

We create space for deep discussions and collaborations, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Upcoming events

Misconceptions of Inclusive Design. July Community Jam. Tues, July 2, 2024. 1-Hour Interactive Session. Hosted by Sandra By Design. Facts with a checkmark next to it and Myths with an X next to it. Inclusive Design Jam logo.
Misconceptions of Inclusive Design | July 2024 Community Jam

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

This month's community jam will build on our recent TikTok-inspired community challenge! Because inclusive design can be easily misunderstood, we will unpack common misconceptions through hands-on activities and collective discussions.

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Uniting values-driven folks globally

Our community members are a richly diverse group, hailing from many different sectors, disciplines, geographies and backgrounds.

What we share is a common vision of social change and our values of equity, curiosity, humility, global perspectives and connection.

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